Welcome to the Northwest of Germany.

Go further by living and working in the far north. Why not? The Northwest has a lot to offer. Successful small and medium enterprises set the economic pace with outstanding career opportunities. Balancing your career and your family? Here in the North, there's no conflict between the two! It's a great place to live for families, couples and singles: housing is still affordable here. Moreover, the Northwest region has a young population, playing host to many universities, while the coastal landscape is an ideal leisure destination.

An Economic Powerhouse

Build your career in one of Germany's most economically successful regions. Put yourself to the test: welcome to the Northwest!

Interactive map

Discover the different regions with the interactive map. Here you will find further details about the different regions of Northwest Germany.

Interviews with inhabitants

Nothing shapes a region more than the people who live there. We shed a little more light on their different perspectives in the interviews set out below.